Ragbista does not develop for only half a year, the coach does not suffer a great defeat

In Petrovice near New Town in Moravia, where the Titans, thanks to their cooperation with the Secondary Technical School of the New Town, found their background, it was not just a sport. “We wanted to make a little show. For the public to know that something is happening here. That there is a new sports division. So we wanted to add culture. We had invited mages, the mayor was the mayor, and there were two regional televisions, “he said. “I hope the audience was happy. They had burcak, wine, beer, sausages…”he added with a smile.

And they could enjoy the game itself. “I was happy with him in a way,” he said, having over defeat 3:77. “The guys played the first half perfectly. After all, Říčany and Sparta B, with whom we fight for the month, do not belong to this group.They belong to the first league, “he thinks.

The difference was only visible after the break. “Half-time was 3:29, which is a wonderful result against such a rival. The defense was good, “he said. “But in the second half the guys have gone physically. We can not compare the winnings of ours and the Riccans. Behind them are former extralig players, former representatives. And the young boys who grew out of youth and played for juniors, as a stranger, “he remarks. “It was a 1xbet mobile manchaft, which has powerfully somewhere else apart from us. Such a battle between David and Goliath. “

There is no wonder.After all, the ragbis kick-off training in New Town, then at the athletic stadium, took place 14 months ago, 18 July 2015. “Since then, our club has moved so that we have a skeleton of eight, ten people who go regularly and already have a knowledge and player experience about rugby, “says Mét. “But the rabbist does not develop only half a year, a year. This is a matter of several years, decades before he is a top player. And he has to work all the time. “

The training morale of the New Town Rugby Club influenced the summer holidays. “They made us really bad, enough young boys left. But in the last month and a half there were another eight people, so somebody ends and the others are coming.”As for all sports.”

The recruitment of new members should also help the Titans in the afternoon, which will take place next Wednesday in the Petrovice area. “We have such a vision with the director of the Secondary Technical School, Mr. Teplý: that it would be known to school that it is leisure free bets time focused on rugby. And that young players from across the country could come here, “he says. “While the Rican team up to 23 years old has been an insurmountable obstacle for the Titans, in the next two games, the strengths with more tolerant rivals will match. On Sunday, October 9, he will perform in Karlovy Vary, two weeks later at home with Pilsen.

“Both matches should be balanced.Although they are five years old, so they have a four-year lead, “he realizes. “But theoretically, when the guys fight, we could definitely get a much more acceptable result.”

Rugby is said to be a sport for hard men and women. And while footballers simulate wounds in their matches, rabbis tries to pretend they are healthy. A similar story is illustrated by the mentioned duel against the Ricans. “Christopher Benoni played the mug and turned his little finger.So they pulled him to his next finger, and he finished the whole match, “he recalls. “When he was later on the X-ray, he found he had a broken thumb.”

Unfortunately, there was a serious injury. “One of our players has been bumped into an opponent, bent on his ankle and broke his leg in his ankle,” he said.