Juventus will confirm their progress at Olympiakos

Italian Juventus footballers will divide it by distance to advance to the Champions League eight rounds and all the trumpets are in the sleeve. For sure, they need to get the same points as Portuguese Sporting, playing at the bottom of the group D Olympiakos Pireus. Their rivals, on the contrary, will fight at the stadium of the biggest favorite in Barcelona, ​​Spain. The Greek club Energybet prematurely knows that it will not get to the spring stage of the European Cups.

The Italian champion from last year belongs to the group with a second place with eight points. In Barcelona, ​​he loses points three, and because of the worse matches he will not jump ahead. He has a one-point lead ahead of Sporting. He can afford to lose even if the Lisbon club does not win in Spain. If he does, he also needs three points in Greece. Olympiakos fought only a Energybet point in the previous round and finished in the last fourth position.

The only point was sensational in the 4th round with Barcelona, ​​which did not allow for scoring and broke with her amicably in a no-cost ratio. Otherwise, he lost 1: 3 on the ground of this opponent, not one at Sporting (2: 3 and last 1: 3) and Turin suffered a defeat of 0: 2. But in all clashes he did not show a completely tragic performance, and he is definitely not a chance to succeed. Under pressure, he will be an opponent for whom the opponent’s draw Energybet football betting with the Spanish vicemist may be a warning.

Juventus suffered a single defeat at the very beginning in Barcelona, ​​with the same rival draw four days ago 0: 0. With the Portuguese team he scored four points (2: 1 and 1: 1). He has not done so well in the domestic competition as he is last year, with a third place with thirty-seven points and losing points for the Inter Milan leader. The home team is in the Greek League after thirteen played wins and the AEK Athenians have a manko one point.

Massimiliano Allegri’s coach will still have to get around without wounding Chiellini, Bernardeschi and Höwedes. There is also no guarantee of the start of Buffon’s legend, a Energybet question mark hanging over the start of Pyjanec, and because of the injured calf, maybe the Mandžukič does not play on the lawn, who scored once in the first round against Olympiakos. “We firmly believe we have a strong enough cadre to win,” Allegri said briefly.

He further hopes for concentrated performance throughout the course. “Our approach seems to be decided at first glance, but Olympiakos has a very good team, and we definitely can not underestimate it, we have to do the maximum, otherwise we could be very sad, we need to watch out for the quick offensive and the standard Energybet situation. Security will give us only a win, we do not want to look at the result of Sporting, “added 51-year-old Juventus strategist.